H8ers gonna h8.


Jessica is known for her controversial content related to street harassment. With over 3K thumbs down, and thousands of violent comments, Jessica's short Asking For It hit a nerve among "meninist's" across the web.


"Profoundly relevant" - NY Theatre Guide

Jessica's original play Canuck Downunder  made its world premiere at the 20th annual NY Fringe festival with rave reviews. Canuck Downunder even made the Show Score top ten FringeNYC shows for 2016. 

Canuck Downunder, Full length, one act play

Jess, mourning the tragic loss of her brother, discovers how the "tweet generation" has redefined the grieving process and what remains once we die. An autobiographical play that'll make you think twice before posting your next selfie.

Loose Linda, Web series

One desperate millennial, living in New York City, explores her sexuality as she is hurled into adulthood. Oh, Linda...

Episodes: Loose LindaLoose Linda: Bong Rip

Smile, Beautiful, Short Film

A gender reversed narrative about scenarios related to true events of harassment towards women by men.

Asking For It, Short Film

The violent revolution. A young woman is harassed waiting for the train. Fed up, she takes matters into her own hands. Look, appreciate, and keep your mouth shut.